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Certified & Trusted Arborists in Auckland Wide

Before calling for tree removal services, it's essential to ensure that the arborists are certified and registered. An unqualified, uncertified and inexperienced arborist might further augment the tree removal problem. He also might not be well versed with tree removal equipment and the experience required to get perfect tree removal or tree trimming.

At Clearfell are Auckland arborists who know that tree removal or stump removal and hedge trimming does not only include visiting the site and cutting down the tree. With careful planning, strategizing, following safety measures and delivering the complete solution for the issue, Clearfell Auckland arborists ensures that all work is done efficiently and safely. Getting the work done and doing a fantastic job on time are Certified Auckland arborists' marks.

A qualified and highly trained arborist gives you advice for tree removal, dead tree removal, mulching and grinding processes. Apart from the high-quality removal of trees, our certified and fully insured experts are the best in tree pruning, mulching, tree care and stump grinding in the Auckland region.

Outstanding Tree Care, Pruning & Trimming Services in Auckland Wide

Trees require the best care and respect. Big, strong and healthy trees are assets. They not only provide the green cover but also beautify the surroundings. Apart from cleaning the environment, the trees provide us with various things. Our tree care solutions include proper maintenance of trees. We inspect the trees to find out about their health. If we find something affecting its health, such as weeds, we immediately remove it or provide a solution for it.

Our longest established arboricultural contractors provide exceptional tree care services that are beneficial for the owner and the environment. Reducing the green cover is not a viable solution. Hence, we provide our tree care services for removing large trees and for the removal of stumps while ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved. We have highly trained expert knowledge on board and high-quality equipment, ensuring that you get the best services. Our tree surgeons are certified and experienced; they are known for delivering exceptional tree care solutions.

So if a tree requires a trim or it's a dead tree, just call us, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Our professional arborists offer tree work and tree care services, including tree felling, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree mulching, and tree maintenance in North Shore, West Auckland, Auckland, and nearby suburbs.

Backed by over 20 years of experience, family-owned and operated business, Clearfell Tree Services is renowned amongst Auckland homeowners and commercial customers for delivering exceptional tree management. Clearfell Tree Services has professional arborists who offer comprehensive tree care services in Auckland and combine strict safety standards and high-quality equipment with diligent tree care. For safe, 100% guaranteed services, including tree removal, tree pruning, tree mulching and stump grinding services Auckland-wide has undertaken by qualified tree arborists – contact Clearfell Tree Services today.

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Tree Removal

Specialist tree felling and tree removal Auckland-wide. Remove trees that are in confined spaces or are not growing in a health way. Clearfell Tree Services also carry out emergency tree removal and storm damage work.

Stump Grinding

Tree stump removal in Auckland by Clearfell Tree Services sees stumps neatly removed to 10 inches below ground level using state of the art machinery. Remove trip hazards and restore your lawn.


Whether you live in Remuera, Epsom, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Glendowie, Herne Bay,  Waitakere, South Auckland, West Auckland, or on the North Shore – you are guaranteed exceptional and professional arborist and tree care services Auckland wide.

Tree Pruning

Keep your trees healthy and strong and growing in the right shape with regular tree pruning and trimming from the expert team at Clearfell Tree Services.

Tree Mulching

Turn your removed tree branches and trimmings into something useful for your garden with tree mulching. Mulch can help improve your soil and keep weeds down.

Tree Removal Services Auckland wide

Removing a tree sometimes becomes vital. Though many trees don’t obstruct our work, sometimes the call for tree removal becomes necessary if the tree is diseased, dying, or a hazard to life and property. In such cases calling an arborist is the right move. A professional arborist solves your tree problem in no time.

We at Clearfell employ innovative tree felling tools and equipment, which shows the high quality of our work. The work well done removes the unwanted problems that might have arisen due to a tree and provides customer satisfaction. We specialize in all types of tree work, namely tree removal, stump grinding, tree

pruning, hedge trimming, and tree mulching. Not only are our services good but we are known for all the safety measures that we employ while we are working.

We offer the best ” Tree Removal Services North Shore, Auckland.” Our team of qualified tree fellas is up to date with safety regulations. Our aim is to create a safe working environment; thus, we quickly and safely conduct our work. Our services include chipping the trees, grinding the stump and safe tree removal. We believe in further strengthening the relationship between trees and humans.

Why Choose Us?  

Trees are our assets. They have a lot of benefits.  So, when you contact us for tree removal services in Auckland, our first step is to visit the site where our services, such as tree removal or stump grinding are required. A thorough inspection is done of the area. Our main focus is to save the tree and determine if the problem can be resolved by safely pruning the tree. However, if the nature of the work requires complete removal of the tree, then we remove it from the stump.

Few reasons why you should choose us are:


To avail of our exemplary services, call us, and we will ensure that you get the best tree removal services.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Experienced and certified professionals should always be chosen to get your work done.  Lack of knowledge and inexperience might create problems for the client. For example, if an arborist doesn’t know which tools are essential for stump grinding, he might end up making things worse. Also, a certified arborist knows the protocols to be followed during the removal of trees, and this ensures that the work is carried out with the highest safety measures.

Proper pruning of trees ensures their strong growth and improves their health. It also ensures that the branches do not obstruct or cause damage to life or property. Pruning gives trees an opportunity to grow new green and healthy branches. It also makes them well structured.

Trees should be pruned in winter. It is their dormant period as trees shed their leaves. During the Spring or Summer season, if you prune trees, it might negatively impact the plant or tree.

Complete removal of trees should be carried out by expert and professional arborists. In confined areas, it becomes difficult to remove the trees completely. The arborists at Clearfell ensure that the tree removal is done completely and safely.
If the tree is huge, it is essential to use proper equipment. You first need to clear the area. Starting from the top, it’s vital to remove the branches first safely. Once the tree is delimbed, use the chainsaw to cut the stump so that there are no obstacles in the path of the falling tree. Finally, remove the stump using proper tools and equipment.

We at Clearfell give you complete tree care services. If you are looking for certified tree surgeons or tree care experts, choose Clearfell. We ensure that you get comprehensive and safe tree care services. We also ensure that no debris is left around once the work is done.  We carry out all our services with proper planning and utilize the most innovative tools, and equipment and our Auckland arborists get the work done safely and without any hassles.


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